Business Philosophy

There are sound Biblical principles that support business activity within the framework of ministry. The Hebrew word most commonly used to the Old Testament for business is mlakah. It is pronounced: mel-aw-kaw; which is derived from malak meaning "deputy in ministry." It generally means employment that is not servile; also property acquired as a result of labor i.e. business. Biblical references include the following: (I Chr 26:29; I Chr 26:30; II Chr 13:10; II Chr 17:13; Neh 11:16; Neh 11:22; Neh 13:30; Est 3:9; Ps 107:23; Prov 22:29).

In the New Testament, several Greek words are related to business. Emporia (Mt 22:5 only) means "commerce" or "business." Two other verbs have the same meaning: diapragmateuomai (Luke 19:15 only) and pragmateuomai (Luke 19:13 only); also means "to engage in business or trade." A final term, ergasia, means "work" or "effort," and it often means the outcome of work; i.e. profit. This word is found in the business sense in the following scriptures: (Luke 12:58; Act 16:16, 19; Act 19:24-25).

On close examination of these scriptures we see that business activity can be used for secular gain or to promote the Kingdom of God. In Luke 19, Jesus tells of a man who left his community; but provided investment capital for his servants. They were to put the money to work until the master came back. We believe that Jesus was speaking prophetically about His return! We, as Christians, are to create and build our economy to spread the Gospel and build His kingdom.

Why develop a Biblical Business Philosophy?

The ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATION INC. business mission is to spread the Word of God, edify the believers and create a micro-economy amongst the Body of Christ through economic empowerment on-line fellowship, networking, entrepreneurship, distribution and retail activities.

We believe ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL INC. also provides a vehicle that allows each of us to reach outside ourselves and evangelize and build the Kingdom for Jesus Christ through the sale and distribution of Christian and wellness products and services. Furthermore, we can serve, empower, connect and bless others through our on-line fellowship activities.

E-Biz's objective is to facilitate the empowerment and achievement of spiritual, personal, professional and financial goals through Christian entrepreneurship initiatives. We believe that the message of the Gospel does not change; however more innovative methods of disseminating the Gospel are required in the 21st Century Church.

We trust that our on-line business activities would be a blessing to you!

God bless you,

Apostle John E. N. Daniel