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Welcome to our exciting one-stop Global Ministry Resource Center! The experiences contained in this list of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development resources will, without a doubt, change your life. They serve to draw you into greater intimacy with Jesus' empowerment and leadership methods. In keeping with our vision to transform and restore lives; and our mission to develop Spirit-filled anointed Christian believers; we have made a commitment to keep relevant resources available to our growing and faithful ministry community.

The central question for us then is: "How do we best help you in your spiritual formation and leadership development process?" In order to answer this question, ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC's Global Discipleship Model begins by defining the 20 Christian Dynamics for Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development. If you desire to grow spiritually and optimize your leadership development potential, these are your 20 areas of initial focus. These 20 Ministry Core Competencies are by no means exhaustive; but will harness the core competencies required to be more effective in your Christian walk and maturation. We will feature various articles and resources that will assist in developing and empowering your natural and spiritual gift-mix.

This resource guide is a Christian maturation opportunity for you and each and every visitor to our website. We encourage you to share and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to facilitate, not only your personal spiritual journey, but that of your ministry. And remember, a leader is not defined by a position or by a title; but by his or her sphere of influence. Therefore we all are leaders! We encourage you to read and share with your brothers and sisters in Christ; as we strive to promote greater unity in the Body of Christ.

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