About Apostle

Apostle John Daniel is a visionary with a burning desire to coach, counsel, teach, empower, develop, and assist persons from all walks of life attain their maximum potential and fulfill their God-given life purpose and destiny. He coaches, counsels, consults, and mentors, and ministers to many all over the globe weekly. He has over 25 years of cross-cultural corporate, business, and entrepreneurial experience; and has had the privilege of travelling extensively to many parts of the globe. Apostle John's multifaceted gift-mix has allowed him to lead in many different capacities including: senior executive, manager, pastor, prophet, coach, consultant, and counselor.  He has been professionally trained at diverse regionally accredited North American institutions, including the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. His cultural diversity allows him the flexibility to relate to both Christian and marketplace worldviews with an ultimate view to fulfill The Great Commission for the Kingdom of God. 

His training extends from leadership theory and development, community development, business, to educational and organization psychology. He is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor and a Board Certified Christian Coach. He continues to be a pioneer church planter and overseer to many churches and ministries across the globe. He gives oversight and coaches many church leaders and corporate leaders globally. His leadership, coaching, and counseling skills traverse geographical, cultural, ethnic, political, economic, social, and ideological boundaries. He ministers and speaks at conferences, workshops, and seminars. Apostle John possesses a consummate passion to birth, inspire, motivate, and empower emerging leaders in both religious and corporate communities. Some of his professional ecclesiastical affiliations include: the American Association of Christian Counselors, the International Board of Christian Care, the International Christian Coaching Association, the Federal Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists, and the Christian Coaching Network.