H.E.L.P. Ministry

Why do we call ourselves Christians? What are our responsibilities as Christian believers? What are we doing to ensure that His Kingdom come; and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven? These are but a few of the philosophical questions that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart in my quiet and devotion times with Him. Unfortunately, much of the Body of Christ is busy "doing church;" in the meantime souls are crying out for the Gospel. There are some 1600 unreached people groups and approximately 1.7 billion souls that have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every week we receive e-mails and telephone calls from all over the world asking us to come and provide pastors and church leadership with spiritual guidance; discipleship training; and Christian enlightenment. Most of all they are crying out for assistance to help them reach the "unreached people groups" of this world. We are doing our best to provide Christian literature; leadership training and financial assistance. However, we are appealing for your heart-felt assistance; to help us fulfill this God-given vision of global evangelism in these last days.

Is our request Biblical? The Old Testament goes beyond the tithe. This is most clearly expressed in the nedabah, or voluntary contribution. The emphasis here is on giving that flows spontaneously, expressing devotion to the Lord. It is not a gift given out of a sense of duty, nor to win promised blessings. (Exodus 36; II Chronicles 35; Ezra 1:4).

What does the New Testament have to say? We see this reality of a shared family identity applied in Acts 4:32-37. Members of the early church in Jerusalem responded spontaneously to the needs of others less fortunate than themselves. This passage suggests neither an organized social program nor shared ownership of property. Instead, it reveals a sensitive concern for others and spontaneous willingness to share material things with those in need. This is referred to as "fellowship" in the New Testament. In our ministry; our "fellowship" is on-line; i.e. the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Internet. We see it in koinoneo (Romans 12:13; Galatians 6:6; Philippians 4:15) and in koinonia (Romans 15:26; II Corinthians 8:4; II Corinthians 9:13; Hebrews 13:16).

This simple outline is sound biblical evidence of blessings that result from voluntary contributions. It, along with other passages in the Bible, demonstrates that as believers in distant places experiences desperate need; Christians everywhere responded and shared with them. Will you answer this call of the Holy Spirit?

Please Help Evangelize Lost Souls!

Sent forth to transform lives,

Apostle John Daniel

EndTime Ministries International Inc.