”And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their
testimony; and they loved not their  lives unto the death.” (Rev 12:11 KJV)


God has shown me through believing and trusting in him that I could get through any crisis in my life. He has blessed my family and I and I have promised to him that I am his servant and I will do his will not mine on this earth. Praise God for his mercy and His Everlasting Love.
Modesta Elisa Cuevas, Fresno, California, U.S.A. 2006/09/03 Sun PM 6:58:27 EST

The lord has given me a new song.
Nnaji Gloria Ngozichukwuka, Lagos, Nigeria Africa 2006/09/08 Fri PM 12:09:50 EST

I thank God for your obedience and all the effort you made last week by devoting yourself to pray for me. since your prayers I've experience an incredible level of anointing in the holy spirit, fear of sickness has completely gone. My prayer life and searching the word has improved a lot. The lord has spoken to me directly in zech4. I feel I got the message but please can you help me to confirm this. May the lord bless you mightily.
Judith Okonkwo, Loughton, United Kingdom 2006/09/25 Mon AM 9:37:49 EST

I called end time ministries on Sunday September 24th 2006, and may I hasten to add that I was delivered from many things that held me captive for a long time. I felt so relieved and clean. God bless this ministry, you apostle John and your family greatly. The Church NEEDS THIS MINISTRY AND HAS DONE FOR A LONG TIME.
Marcia Bailey, Dudley, England, United Kingdom 2006/09/30 Sat PM 12:14:41 EST

This is Sister Mae I called you over the weekend for prayer. I told you my grandson had hepaticas and also was not a Christian. I have to praise God for one good report and that is that he got saved. He is still showing symptoms of hepaticas C. but I know God has it all under control. Tomorrow we get results on HIV test pray for good report. The Dr. said this was standard procedure for someone with hepaticas. I know God has a plan and a purpose for his life and he will bring it to pass. Your prayer Sunday truly was a God sent. That's it for now and may God bless.
Mae,Virginia, U.S.A. 2006/10/11 Wed AM 1:10:46 EST

Dear Apostle John E.N. Daniel,
Much greetings in the wonderful name of our lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for chain /partinership prayers .The prayers you have offered have resulted God to act and intervene in the midst of His people. last Wednesday in our evening Bible study there happened certain woman came who had disputes with her husband .As we continued the meeting she joined us while singing .She listened as we praised the lord. After praises were over i ministered in the teachings in the word of God and the woman simpertised for here life and cried for God's help. we prayed for her and she received peace in her heart, back on her home she preached to her husband and the following day they invited us to show them more for the way of God. What a miracle from God the man accepted the word of God. In the Sunday Service the whole family attended .We praise God for that. Brother we have desperate Orphans in the Church, Pray for them since there is drought in some parts of Kenya hence there is hunger crisis which has arisen, so these Orphans needs food to sustain them for the future whereby others are becoming sick now and then because of lack of food. These words pass them to others for consideration. May God bless you and we are praying for your family to be in good health.
Yours In Christ,
Pastor Nicodemus Omboga, Kenya, Africa 2006/10/16 Mon AM 10:31:59 EST

Dear Servants of God Apostle John,
Greetings from Kenya, we are doing fine , last week we were very very busy in outreaches, i tell you souls are coming back to Christ in a big way. We held a powerful crusades in different places in villages of Mumias city. daily more than 56 people were giving their lives to Christ. We really experienced people giving their lives to their master in tears and screams. This area people really like to hear the word of God. The attendance was daily very big , women, hildren and men. Last Sunday we baptized 108 people in water in river Nzoia the biggest river of that place. The leaders of government of this area also came to attend the meetings, We gave them a chance to give a testimony of what the lord was doing , they were really amazed to see the lord healing diseases and delivering His people from different attacks of the devil. We really praise the lord for your prayers , this is a result of the prayers you pray for us in Kenya. Keep on praying for us for the work a head of us in too big that we can not do it without your prayers. Ask many praying groups to pray for us as we reach the lost souls for Christ. I am really praying together with the church a bout you and your ministry. We are waiting and listening to God daily a bout the invitation we send to you. I believe by now you are experiencing His move and leading. We shall not stop praying until we hear a positive answer. We really love you and wishing you all the best from the lord. Could you please get in touch with us so that we may know what God is doing over there so that we can rejoice together with you. Kindly pray for my healing since I am feeling a bit unwell.
Pastor Lucas and Jane Obanda, Kenya, Africa, 2006/11/22 Wed AM 06:04:17 EST

Thank you for your prayers. I praise God for the work that he is doing in our lives and the big turn around in my sons life. There has been a big change in his attitude and there is much improvement in his school work. May God continue to use you in a mighty way.
Heather Wray, Surrey, England, 2006/11/30 Thur PM 4:37:21 EST

Dear Pastor,
I sincerely enjoy your end-time ministry and was really engulfed with the section on Prophetic Word that you have received from the LORD, it gave me goosebumps! What I was wondering was, have you received any more prophetic word from the LORD in the year 2007? If so, would you please update your link. I love GOD'S word and prophecy, so much that I just can't get enough!!!!!!!!!! Thank You.
Yours in Christ,
Sheryl Monterio, U.S.A., 2007/01/24 Wed PM 7:01:20 EST

Thank you for your prayers and your faith for my son's recovery. The miracle has already happened: his blood counts are already normal and his fever is down. He is taking food and digesting it. I am so thankful to the Lord for this wonderful and loving miracle in my life and for you to having prayed for it.
Simon Azariah, Lahore, Pakistan, 2007/01/29 Mon PM 12:57:06 EST

Dear. Apostol Jhon:
Thank you for your prayer support. Sarah didn’t go to the court in this morning, she is discouraged to go on. I think all is finished it is An Act of God!
Pastor Anibal, Peru, 2007/02/16 Fri AM 11:25:04 EST

Hello My friend, Apostle John
I was in prayer for 2 days with all the Team to organize our Caribean Miracle Crusade this week end (23rd to 25th of February). That was powerfull : several things are happening. One thing more important. While i was praying with a woman in the Team, she was praying in tongue and talking in Spanish. This lady never talked Spanish before. She was saying in Spanish all the Prophecies the Lord gave me thru your mouth last week. And she finished saying "we are in front of the Walls now, Tomorrow the Walls of the City will fall." To God be the Glory. I really need your help in prayer and i pray for you too. Be blessed this day Apostle
Pastor Philippe, Lamentin, Guadeloupe, French West Indies 2007/02/21 Wed AM 7:41:26 EST

Dear Prayer Partners
I asked you last week to pray for the first Caribbean Miracle Crusade. Glory, Glory and Glory to God : 4000 persons instead of 2000... several miracles , mighty deliverance and great blessings. Now i have a secret in my heart from Jesus Almighty ( He just appears to me in this Crusade and i heared his voice, he touched me and talked with me 5 hours during) That s only impossible! Be blessed,
Pastor Philippe, Guadeloupe, French West Indies 2007/02/28 Wed AM 5:13:57 EST

Dear Apostle John,
Much greetings of peace and love through Jesus name. Last week we had a wonderful meeting in one assembly and we say God doing miracles to His people, Some we healed from different diseases delivered and about 20 people gave their lives to Christ as their personal saviour. Brother remember to pray for the April Crusade. We are also praying for you and the work your are doing to reach the lost with the gospel of Christ. Greetings from my wife. Greet your family for me.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Ronald Ocharo, Philipinnes 2007/02/28 Wed AM 7:12:30 EST

Dear Apostle John,
Thanks alot for what you are doing for the Lord. My names are Pastor Joseph Musyoki, the youth pastor of the covenant of Grace mission church in kitale town kenya. I was just reading through the internet to see what God is doing through other ministries and churches worldwide and suddenly came across your website. You are just doing a very commendable job. Keep up the good word and the Lord will reward you.Know that I have been blessed by your website and what you are doing for the Lord on the other side of the Lord. Please pray about the possibility of extending your ministry here in kenya during Gods own appointed time. We will be willing to host several events to you so that you can be of a blessing to our ministry and city as a whole. We are based in kitale town the western part of kenya.
God bless you,
Pastor Joseph Musyoki, Kitale, Kenya 2007/03/19 Mon AM 5:54:52 EST

Details: Thank you for praying for me and my children last year oct 2006. I thank the almighty God for your ministry. My pain is totally gone, my daughter's hair has grown back and my son is no longer having nightmares. My relationship with JESUS IS MUCH STRONGER. Thanks for sharing God's voice and his words GOD BLESS YOU
Judith Okonkwo, Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom 2007/03/27 Tues PM 8:01:17 EST

Since I know about god loves. My life was change and now on I have a self control, humble and very nice to give...God Loves us all the time...
Freddie A. Pionelo Iloilo City, Philippines 2007/04/04 Wed PM 10:15:37 EST

I was under attack from certain co-workers constantly and after receiving prayer the attacks has stopped. I feel peace and favor on the job.
Teresa Williams Richmond, Virginia USA 2007/04/09 Mon PM 07:49:48 EST

Thank you God for giving us what we need in order to believe. Help us to ask and receive every day. Thank you prayer partners for praying for my Brother Albert his is out of the hospital and on his way home, continue praying for my sis and her arthritis In Jesus name
Winona Dick Hoonah, AK USA 2007/04/12 Thu PM 06:16:14 EST

Thank you for praying for me for a job I was going from job 2 job and after you prayed for me 2 days later I was hired part time on my job and I also been heal in my body I haven't had any pain in my body since you prayed for me.
Lynetta Sanders Highland Springs, VA United States 2007/04/14 Sat PM 10:04:18 EST

It is a Miracle Praise the Lord!!!! Great is His faithfulness. He is indeed a deliver. He remains the same, yesterday, today and forever. In Him there is no shadow of turning. I want to thank u for praying for Kofi and breaking the curse in his life. It is indeed a miracle. The angels of God has guided my son Kofi on American soil without any incident. We all thought Kofi was going to Canada but God performed a Miracle and let him through the US against all odds. He has been refused entry into the State three time but God open a door that no man could shut. LOOOOOOVE U
ELAINE LYNCH Jamaica 2007/04/14 Sat AM 12:57:11 EST

Pastor Philippe Giadeloupe French West Indies 2007/04/15 Sun PM 01:17:59 EST

Thank you for your good Prayers because last week we have the Big Crusade here in Dodoma Tanzania , we see the Hand of God many people it is turned to Jesus Christ thank you for your Prayer may God bless you
Rev Eliah Mauza Dodoma, Tanzania 2007/04/16 Mon AM 07:48:18 EST

Dear Apostle John,
Once I prayed and asked god to allow my voice echo in universe as request of mercy and help. He himself led me to Internet and now I can see my voice around the world through person like you who has a true love for God and his people. My friend, I really thank you for your kind words and your prayers. Sure you will be in my prayer time. Thank you very much. I bless you in Jesus’ Name
Menezes – From Brazil 2007/04/17 Tue AM 08:22:24 EST

I am pastor untrained hapy to have been directed by holy spirit of GOD search website and find your teachings which are full of anointing and encouraging to our congregation GOD bless so that the church in Kenya may grow in God S grace .Amen.
Reuben Marisah Nehemiah Nyanza, Kenya 2007/04/24 Tue AM 06:44:37 EST

We want to come back to give Lord praise and glory. We want to come back to give Lord praise and glory. Luk. chapt.17.to 19. Luk. chapt 18.7.8. Psalm 126.2.3. With this letter we are coming back to give Jesus Christ the honour for the miracle God did with my sister. She is know at home from the hospital without operasion and she had a badly hartatteck. In the beginning the doctors thought they had to tace bypass operasion and after that bloccing. To the end they dident not have to do anything with her and they sent her home. Thank you to all who
has prayed for my sister Lisbet and please conntinue to pray for us. Ephesians chap. 3.16. A word to you: Psalm. 30. As for God, His way is
perfect: the word of the Lord is proven: He is a shield to all who trust in him.
Love from Rev. Per Einar Jensen and the wife Aina Jensen, Orenga1 3132. Husøysund .Norway 2007/05/01 Tue PM 01:05:50 EST

Hello Apostal John,i hope you are doing well in the lord likewise here life is alway good when you are in God,we have seen God openning the doors of blessing to our ministry here in kenya i thank God for dirrecting me to your ministry since i joined you i have seen a great change to my ministry and my family honestly speaking i can say that you are a true servant of God,I will ask you to continue praying for me because of the work that am doing here,it is not an easy work Apostal John for a woman to do such work that am doing expecially here in africa but i give God all the glory, so stand with me in your prayers always. God is going to use me here to do mighty things in this continet so pray for me. I was suggesting that will it be possible for us to open endtime office here in kenya, let me here from you soon yours in christ
Dr. Linda Jones, Eldoret, Kenya 2007/05/05 Sat AM 5:54:33 EST

Dear Apostle John,
Greeting in Lord Jesus name,
I trust our Lord Jesus for your well being and for the well being of your familly and minsitry, Its been long since I have heard from you, We have got many great newses from Pakistan as in our recent crusades hundreds of people have given their lives to Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savors, Healing is been released in that meetings and miracle have really restored many lives of the sick people form different diaseases, Praise the Lord I want to request to about our ministry, Could to please connect any Evangelistic ministry to our ministry so that we may move forward into the deep Areas of Pakistan. or is there any Preacher or minister or minsitry to work on some projects with us in Pakistan, Please do introduce them to us, Looking forward to hear from you,
In His service,
Pastor Sohail Peter, Lahore, Punjab,Pakistan 2007/05/13 Sun AM 8:10:01 EST

Hi Brother Daniel,
Greetings in the Name that is like no other name in the entire creation of the Almighty God !! The name 'Jesus Christ'. What a privilege we enjoy ! To know the Creator ! Amazing grace !!! Well hello Brother it's good to be saying hi to you ! How's the family? and the ministry? We are fine and thats only by our God's wonderful love and grace ! We are excited to tell you that Aunty Dorothy Singh--an inmate of the Old Age Home-- accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was Baptised on 29th.of April 07 !! Want to guess her age ? well she's ONLY 85yrs.young ! To God be the glory!! Well our school program is going on well -we continue to challenge the students to accept the responsibility of the Elderly starting with their parents. Well Brother we will appreciate if you can put us in touch with any organisation having the same aims and objectives--to love,care and motivate The Elderly and promote the relation between the Youth and the Elderly. Okay Brother John I'll sign off now, remembering you,your family and your ministry before the throne of grace.
With warm regards,
Allan Besterwitch, Indore, Madhya, India 2007/05/13 Sun PM 2:50:20 EST

The village rondah awakening - 18TH -25TH may 2007
This was truly an awakening, a revival that completely shook the village of Rondah. this is one of the village that is completely poor, but among the highest rated village in HIV AIDS infections in the town.
The meetings were powerful at Friday Night at a church called hosanna ministry where I was asked to minister , the Lord confirming His word with signs and wonders following. Many who were demon possessed and oppressed by the enemy were set free. One of the nights, I was led by the Lord to collect shawls from the congregation and we made one long rope. We asked those who needed deliverance to come forward and hold the 'the blood hold line' made of pieces of cloth. It turned out to be an electric live wire with many falling under the anointing, demons screaming and coming out of the people. the devil cannot cross the bloodline.
Recorded here are a few of the notable miracles including many recorded salvations and deliverances.
A 53 year old man was healed from diabetes and hypertension after over 25 years of bondage. I wish you could see his face!! Oh! what a joy.
A 22 year old man was healed from acute arthritis in his legs.
A 17 year old girl who had suffered from pneumonia for many years was powerfully set free from bondage.
An emaciated little baby, one and a half years old, with a swollen stomach and in pain because of hernia complications completely healed.
Several people with asthma were healed.
Many with abdominal and back pains were set free.
A young girl who had goiter was powerfully healed by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Cancer bows to Jesus!! A man who had suffered from cancer for 5 years was instantly healed by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There was no single symptom of pain after the healing. Halleluyah!
The blind see! Two ladies who were partially blind and could not see 2 feet away received a complete restoration of their eyesight! Praise the Lord!
HIV AIDS bows to Jesus! A 40 year old mother assisted to the meeting totally emaciated, was touched by our compassionate master. She was completely healed from AIDS and overcame by joy; she kept running all over the place, shouting I am healed. The Pastor took her for a test and there is no trace of the virus. Hallelujah!!
She is a 19 year old girl from village Rondah. She was born normal but got afflicted by polio at age 5, completely affecting the left leg. She had a special that was bigger with a raised sole to support by straps around her affected leg because it was short and twisted. She believed the word of God and as the power of God touched her, the leg began to grow! Halleluyah! We took off the shoe, set her on a chair; I took both her legs in my hands and commanded the leg to grow. The shorter leg began to grow until it was the same size with the good one. What a joy as Marceline walked around the meeting with her crutches in her hand! Halleluyah! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.
Pastor John Makongo, Rondah, Kenya 2007/05/23 Wed AM 11:30:21 EDT

I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the healing that my mother-n-law
received after you prayed for her. She continues to give God glory and thanks
for the healing that she received through her faith and your fervent prayer.
God Bless you, Apostle John
Pastor Anthony Bland and Evangelist Sharon Bland, Decatur, Georgia 2007/05/24 Thur AM 7:17:58 EDT

Dear,AP John
Blessed of God. We want to thank God for your love to us and support. Aan has been a source of encouragement to me in the Ministry, family life and the teachings he has been sending have been of great help to me and the ministry.
We love you.
Yours in His service
Pastor ALex and Lorna
Pastor Alex and Lorna Masika, Webuye, Western Province, Kenya; 2007/07/12 Thur AM 6:07:01 EDT

Hi Apostle John.
Greetings to you in the most precious name of Lord Jesus Christ.
It is such a great joy and opportunity for us to share with you that our God is revealing His Truth in a dynamic way for His own glory. He is drawing the believers more closer to Himself by touching their lives and answering their prayers as He has promised in His Word (Jere 33 : 3, John 14 : 14). As you are praying for us and the peoples to whom we serve, God's Spirit is moving in a very special way and our neighbors are being interested to know more about Him and they are gradually surrendering their lives into His hands. We praise His holy name and give Him glory and honor for His mighty works in the lives of our dear friends.Let God be the glory!Pray for the crusade we have this week people to be conficted to believe Jesus as a savior.
let me hear how you are getting on.
Rev Geoffrey.
Rev. Geoffrey Onsombi, Nairobi, Nyanza; Kenya; 2007/07/13 Fri AM 6:33:04 EDT

Nombers 25:5-13
God bless you in Jesus name.Amen
We are so happy to send to you email tells you what God is doing in our country(Rwanda) and in our ministry (PHINEHAS MINISTRIES)
God heals the seek like some who suffered AIDS ,cancer ... and help some families to get servedand we have testimonies .
May God be with you all the ways
Remy Gautier Mutabazi
Rev. Gautier Mutabazi,,; Kigali, Rwanda; 2007/07/21 Sat AM 9:09:18 EDT

Hello apostle,
my name is mike mukasa. i am born again and love jesus
for saving my soul. i am a pastor in kenya, africa and
i just want you to know that God just led me to this
site to confirm what he's been telling all this year.
i lead a ministry called believing ministries. at
start of '07 God told me its the year of divine
opportunity, seven months and not much to show for it,
but today in my devotion God just opened the door to
my prayer room and like he told me the door is open,
an hour later i come to your site and gues what the
prophetic word is.. open door. i am so in love with
what God is doing in your life!! i totally agree with
you. i would love to hear from you. i am based in
nairobi, but most of my ministry is in he rural areas.
pliz! i would love to work with you!!
hope to hear from you soonest,
pst. mike, kenya.
Pastor Mike Mukasa, Kenya; 2007/07/27 Fri AM 5:24:23 EDT

Dear Bishop
For sure God will greatly bless you and reward you for your prayers towards us and the Ministry that we had in Musamba, The great victory that we have seen in Musamba clearly shows that you have been Praying for us, Just words alone cannot thank you enough, But as long as God lives, You will greatly be blessed. Africa needs your prayers, and thank you that you are praying for Africa.
Moses Barasa, Leonard Wesonga and Peter Namaru were among the people that went with me for this evangelism mission, God was really with us, God gave us peace over this journey, I had earlier asked the brothers in the church to stand with us and pray with us, On Monday and Tuesday were prayer and fastings days for us.
We finally arrived on Wednesady evening at around 5.30 PM and straight a way begun praying to thank God for the safe journey and for the expected mission, The hosts joined as and we prayed together with them. After the prayers we went to the church where we had a brief meeting, there were not as many people as we had expected, about 20 people were gathering there, Pastor Samuel Ombucha invited me and the team, I begun by first introducing the 10 missioners that I had travelled with, later asked one of the sisters to lead us in worship songs as I requested every body to worship, The Spirit of God was so present, I came to understand why the ministers could not continue ministering in 2 chronicles 6;1 when Solomon was dedicating the temple as the glory of the Lord was so heavy in the temple, It was a wonderful experience as I was arrested by the Holy Spirit not to speak my mind or do what my knowledge could lead but exactly do what God wanted. Everybody in the hall was under the power of God, people begun crying to the Lord and seriously repenting of their sins, No body was in hussry of leaving the place, the darkness came as we do not have electricity there, but no one cared about the darkness, until one Pastors wife who was not in the service later brought the lamp to help with the light, people were there praying until 10 pm, When God led me to pray for one man who had been suffering from alcers for more than 10 years, This man was healed instantly that when he went the following day for tests it was negative.
As from Thursday - Saturday, we went from home to the next home sharing the love of God with people, We divided ourselves together with the hosts into 5 groups, 2 from our team and 1 from the hosts in every group. we went encouraging them and restoring the backsliden back to the Lord and those who are not yet born again leading them into salvation. at the end of saturady we had visited more than 150 homes sharing the word with them, We led more than 100 people to the Lord, a number of them restored back to the Lord. Though we experienced a few homes who could not welcome us in but thank God, He gave us victory. We are believing God that this practise will increase this church which is just 7 months old.
After the house to house evangelism we were gathering at 4 pm for the Revival meetings again which people came together with the people were had invited while visiting this homes. We thank God for the responce, people really so God and were persuaded in their hearts that this is not just as other religions they have been seeing and hearing, But they just new that God had really send us to them. This is a place that is surrounded by many funny cults and sects, witchcrafts and traditions. Thank God he never sends one to a place without purpose.
We had wanted to feed the children and widows on Saturday morning but dew to lack of enough funds we limited to only orphans and few people, We gathered 30 orphans and 20 people from the very poor families, We gave them clothes and later made food for them. We are still believing God that we will go back to this place when God provides and will feed the widows, orphans and all children.
God also worked a miracle that He through one of the pastors donated the motobike to help the pastor in this church as he comes very far from the church
Continue praying for this church, Pray that God will strengthen this church and that the work that has begun in this place will still go on. Pray that God strengthens us and provides for the upcoming events especially this week as we travel to Mombasa for another mission and helping our Bishop due to the attacks that he has been facing since he was kicked out of the house with a number of the orphans.
Once again thanks for standing with us and supporting us, God will greatly bless you and reward you for your good work and and your heart to further the word of God in Africa.
May God greatly bless you
Yours brother
Pastor Alex Masika
Pastor Alex and Lorna Masika, Webuye, Western Province, Kenya; 2007/08/06 Mon AM 4:13:37 EDT

Dear & Respected Brother Apostle John
Greetings in the everlasting name of Jesus
admittedly, its very soothing to my eyes and mind to read your mail after a long break and like always a cause of great encouragment !!!
Yes sir, you are absolutely right that He knows everyones heart and mind and is the best provider in the times of distress and isolation, I have simply surrendered everything to Him and His wisdom.
I am regularly going to Pastor Javed Sunday prayers and as he has started some preparations to launch an IAM's school for Basic Biblical Training & Discipleship Training Courses. I am, whatever, is in my capacity trying to help him specially in English to Urdu translation of training manuals and Lessons (May God accept this humble service of mine, Ameen), whereby, he was facing difficulties in this regard.
While agreeing to your guidance and suggestions, I face severe inner revolt amd resentment when on Fridays, all staff of my office go for Fridays prayers at the mosque (which is a kind of must in muslims) and I have to accompany them unwillingly and in absolute apathy, if you can believe then I will state that its very hard for me to even breath in their mosques.
For the sake of record I may also inform you that lately, I have got a job offer in Saudi Arabia along with kids and family(with residential visa status) but I am not intending to go there. I am only sending my kids and wife(wife is still in that state of mind that our marraige has been dissolved the moment I embraced Christianity and I am in no position to consult any mullah over this issue as it will be clear a death warrant for me) due to two major reasons;
one, that I want to successfully finish the IAMs courses for the peace of my heart and mind and secondly, as I have seen some horrific information about the way this Islamic monarchy treat christians living there, so what to talk of a muslim converted to Christianity. I even read that they do not allow Bible to pass airports and truly speaking, I am in no way want to keep myself away from Holy Bible.
I can only plea to you that please keep me in your prayers for a better guidance and to be a true servant of Lord.
God may always keep you in good health and energy as your time and energies are devoted to His cause!!!!
Again, I may convey my gratitude for your communication and forwarding my matter to Pastor Javed. This man is a real source of knowledge and guidance for me and I will be fortunate enough to successfully finish incoming IAM's courses.
In Him
Amir Pakistan, 2007/08/07 Wed PM 7:50:56 EDT

Prayer Warrios
Thank you for your lovely email and prayer. God has anoiting us and blessed us in ours ministery. Lord Jesus Christ love you so much, and he vil give you and your ministery a special anoiting, dynamite power in the Holy Spirit. Next year is a spesial year from God, where he will do bigger miracles as will come to go over the whole world. And we can not waite because Jesus Christ is coming soon. Please hold us in prayer, because we have attack from the devil every day.
Per Einar Jensen
Orenga 1
N3132 Husoeysund
Rev. Per Einar Jensen and the wife Aina Jensen, Orenga1 3132. Husøysund .Norway 2007/08/22 Wed PM 12:22:15 EST

Dear beloved brother.
Greetings to you in ever last loving name of our lord Jesus christ.
How you are brother and how is ministry. My response is late to you, because of busy with some of ministry programs. So that I have not able to visit the mails.
I thank God for end time ministry that ministering effective way by the anointing of the lord.
I thank you brother for that every prayer lifting up in His presence about us. So that we able serve the lord more.
Brother we have some late finishing the work of the church construction. As soon as finish we will have dedication service. In one of our branch place we have finished the church construction work.
God is doing mighty things new people are adding in to the church.
Brother how is you family members. Convey my heart greetings to them.
Praise the lord for this divine fellow ship midst of us.
From your brother
Pastor.B. prem kumar.
Pastor Prem B. Kumar; Andhra Pradesh; India, 2007/09/06 Thur AM 5:23:22 EDT

Dear Apostle,
Apostolic greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, how are you and how is your family and church. I have alot to share with you about the crusade and conference i had in the Republic of Tanzania.
Thanks for your letter of wisdom and as i told you that we have a journey of 40 days of praying and fasting at the church ,we shall surely lift you and America in the hands of God.We spend nights in the presence of God and we shall break this fast on the 12 october 2007.
Let me also ask you to pray for the church in Tanzania, we were on one of the islands on lake victoria, it was not easy to penetrate to this isands, there are alot of witchcraft, robbery, homesexual and lesbian, there are ghost that change into poeple and Angles. This ghosts have flesh and disappears unknowingly.There are families that eats poeple alive and they told us that no one was allowed to move after 9pm mostly visitors, when they recognize visitors they watch to have him eaten.
God is sending me to go back and have a crusade on this island again,i went with out good PA System and we never had a projector to show the film, they have never watched any film and they dont even know who Jesus is, they have no idea about salvation, they are so deep in the bushes and we were carried on bicycles for over three hours and the journey took us two and haif days. It was not easy but we still had to go and do the work.Thanks for your prayers, and remeber us always in your prayers.over 50 poeple gave their lives to Jesus and i need to go desciple them, i feel the burden to go and help the church in Tanzania under Apostolic foundation.
I will tell you more about this trip.
May the lord bless you ad waiting to hear from you.
love you man of God
Pastor Kaggwa Daniel, Uganda; Africa; 2007/09/21 Tues AM 2:43:18 EST

Greetings and God Bless. God has change my life dramaticly, after having prayer with Apostle John. Breakthrough took place.I was in bondage I felt
bound and oppress and fearful. The Lord showed the man of God exactly what I was going through. Through Gods anointed servant the curse of witchcraft was broken. I was set free healed and delivered. Miracles started taking place. I was able to stay in my new home first month free. The favor of god has followed through tears prayer and praise, God erased a $1,600 gas bill. And gave me a new start with the same heating company. Apostle John is a living testimonie of holiness unto God for signs wonders and miracle follow after this ministry unto the Lord. Thank you, for your prayers apostle and you genuine love towards Gods children.
Sis, Toanya
Sister Toanya Robinson; Niagara Falls, NY; U.S.A.; 2007/09/25 Tues AM 9:22:37 EST

The making of a great man start with God, when is ready for a man , He send a man. When the man that is He has sent, is available and ready for the mission, He empowers Him with great power, glory, anointing, grace, honour and so on, the sent man ( God s Prophet ) must give all glory and praise to God.
I want to thank God for all that He has done, doing. God has been faithful in all . from Belgium to cancun Mexico ( South America) and the carribean, back to Brussel; Belgium and Now in paris; france. What Joy to know that When a man work by faith, He see the sweetness and beauty of God. I blessed and give Him all the glory and praise one more time for all. I want to thank you for your great valuable support and needed prayers that you have been putting in. I see God bringing you from where you are to where He is, to place you in a great place of perfect Honour in Jesus name Amen. You will see God do in your life and destiny what He is doing .you are in for a great surprise from God. Your mouth will never lack great testimonies. Your life will never lack Gods never ending Provision. Continue to stay connected to Him.
Rev. Evangelist Aforen Igho; United Arab Emirates; 2007/10/08 Mon AM 1:44:32 EST

Dear Brother Apostle John
thanks for reply me, my nick name is raj, but my family name is Rehana. i am girl. actually i have seen your website . your ministry have work for Jeues means blessed the people by the name of Jeuse. your ministry have international ING. when i send my frist mail to you in these day i did not have job and i believe in Jeues he give me job through prayers. thats why i ask you please prayer for me and after day i got very good job by the grace of jeus. but it was temprare and now i did not have job again but i believe in jeues he give better for me. i have also want to continue my study in aboard. i requested to your ministry prayer for my purpose,jeues help me. becase i face main problem in my life. Request for prayer.
Rehana; India; 2007/10/09 Mon AM 7:35:55 EST

Blessings to you,
I want to give all the praise and glory to God , for all that God did both in Austria and Norway. I want to thanks everyone for your great needed prayers and support. I know that God will indeed increase you more in all things. you are in for God`s greatness and unending blessings for His total Glory and praise. I am back in Dubai.
Rev. Evangelist Aforen Igho; United Arab Emirates; 2007/11/14 Wed AM 1:44:32 EST

Dear AP
May God continue to bless and keep you, giving you grace in all that you are doing.
We had a wonderful time during the conference and we thank God for your prayers towards this event. We really remembered you during the event and prayed that God will indeed bless and increase you. We are so much thankful to God for the kind of ministry and the commitment God has given you to joining us in your prayers and other kinds of support. Even though you are very far, but I believe You have done alot here in Africa through your encouragent and prayers.
Continue praying with and that we will be able to bless many and many people
May God bless you
Yours brother
Pastor.Alex Masika; Kenya 2007/12/10 Mon AM 10:44:00 EST

Dear Pastor John Daniel
Greeting in the wonderfull name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
We bless our Lord for you and your ministry as you are prospering in the Spirit of the Lord.
Its been long since we have heard from you but we hope you to find good testimonies in your self.
I have very Great news to share with you, One of our Evangelist named Raiz has won the soul of a whole Muslim family, and this man ( ) has accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savor and he is ready to take Baptism with his whole family including his sons, daughters, Grand Sons, Grand daughters, sons and daughter in Laws. Please keep praying for their protection.
Pastor Sohail Peter, Lahore, Punjab ,Pakistan 2007/12/15 Sat AM 9:40:01 EST

Dear Friends, Prayer Partners & family,
Grace & peace be with you all from our Lord & savior Jesus Christ!
Thank you all who have been praying for us, those that have extended their support to us in any way may the Lord bless you all, I just wanted to let you know that your prayers have been answered, We had a very powerful conference last week as from 13th to 15th march, We had almost 100 Pastors & leaders attending everyday Praise God, God provided & it was a great success.  Also thank you for praying for mike who was in the hospital few month ago. We borrowed money & took him from the hospital today & he is back home, Thank you all for your prayers.
We love you all & pray for you.
Pastor James & Adelide
Pastor James O. Mabwa, Kenya; 2008/03/20Thurt AM 3:20:00 EST

Praise God with me,I've just received my visa for my June trip to the USA.This is favor alone.
Pray for me that finances will come in for my one-month post-graduate course there and that open doors will be granted me to visit few churches.
The Revd Henry
Rev Henry 2008/04/08 Tues AM 3:39:01 EST

The Lord God Himself took His glory in the youth camp at Tandi, Chitawan. There were 85 youths from 15 different churches of the district. There were 40 boys and 45 girls in the camp.
The Lord helped me to speak in 9 sessions. I spoke on SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, LOVE-MARRIAGE-SEX, FAMILY-YOUTH, CHURCH-MISSION-YOUTH, MUSIC-MEDIA-YOUTH, HEALING OF BROKEN HEART, and other youth related topics.
Many shared that they have got the answers of their questions. Two of them are as follows:
Ramesh (Boy)– I could learn many things, specially my duties, sex, media and other very practical things. I am not as before now and I will change my thinking then my behavior.
Ramila (Girl): Maoists and other parties had given me pressure to go their election campaign because my father was killed in war, but the Lord allowed me to come here. Bhuvan sir, a special thanks to you for very practical and wonderful teaching. As the young I used to enjoy in glamour but from now I will enjoy in God's word and prayer.
Pastors also thanked me personally for teaching their young people. ALL THE GLORY GOES TO LIVING LORD.
A pastor and an elder from Hetauda had visited me there and they again requested me to come their place and teach the young people. Praise God.
Bhuvan, Sunira & Abhishika Devkota; Kathmandu, Nepal 2008/04/09 Wed PM 1:17:00 EST

Greetings in Jesus name, we bless the Lord for what he is doing and thanks for your prayers we have see the Lord work great things in our church. How is the going over there?
The church is praying for you and trusting God that he will lead you to this place and have a meeting here. Please continue also praying about holding the conference and campaigns in this places.
may God richly bless you
Pastor Steve
Pastor Steve Wasike; 2008/04/15 Tues AM 3:12:00 EST

God is Good and he is faithful. Thank GOD for my pastor Apostle John...........I dont know where to begin............truly the love of Christ is shown through apostle's prayers.
GOD healed me from cervical cancer.........yes the lord strong and mighty healed me completely from cervical cancer.God is moving in his people lives. Apostle John is my Spiritual Father, he's a teacher, and a wonderful pastor. Pastor been praying and releasing God's holy word. Every word has came to past. "these signs shall follow them that believe..........truly the lord is with you apostle. God allowed pastor to speak a word in my life regarding my transition from newyork to georgia...I came to the state of georgia with 40.00...to my name.........God touched the heart of a man to give me a cell phone pay the bill and to sow a car into my life...so I could go to work.....God is yet moving..I thank GOD for truly he is amazing............Much appreciation to you Apostle.you've been such a blessing tomy life ,since september 2007 mylife has never been the same........Father all I can say "the prayers of a righteous man availeth much.........Thank you for all the prayers..May God continue to move and bless like never before.
Your daughter,Toanya Shepherd
Toanya Shepherd; Lithonia, Georgia; U.S.A.; 2008/04/18 Tues PM 7:55: EST

Request: Jeremy Wray
Details: Thanks for praying for my son Jeremy who was accused of skipping a class at school. It was proven to be a false accusation so the principle detention was dropped. (Cancelled) .He is now struggling with concentrating and understanding some of his subjects. We know that the enemy is trying to keep him from progressing so please continue to pray for his progress.
God bless you and thanks so much for your continued prayers, we continue to remember you in our prayers also.
Heather Wray; Thornton Heath, England; U.K.; 2008/05/20 Tues PM 2:40 EST

Details: I belong to the Elim Pentecostal Church in England, I've been attending that church over 10 years, but within the 10 years I've being going through so much with my health. But of lately I was diagnoised with Ovarian Cyst which cause me to bleed alot, not to mention the pain. One day I had an hospital appointment and my paster wife who is a registered nurse accompanied me to my hospital appointment. While I was having my examination done, the Doctor told me that I have loads of Cyst on both of my Ovaries, I broke down in tears. I then went home and and call Paster John at this time I was so low in Spirit and I know if I call Paster John I know that he will encourage me. So I rang Paster John and he prayed with me, he gave me words of encouragment, I then hanged up after about 1/2 hour later. About a week or 2 later I went to another hospital appointment I saw another Doctor who preformed another scan. Praise be to God the Doctor couldn't find any Ovarian Cyst she said to me on my notes it states that I have Ovarian Cyst, she then ask me for my date of birth just to confirm that I am the same person because she couldn't understand she couldn't see any Cyst. She just couldn't understand the power of my GOD. I then told her that I have been healed. But I would like to thank Endtimes Ministery for there constant support I pray the Grace of God be with you all and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. One thing I know within my heart, that the Lord is using Endtime Ministry for his GLORY.
Monica Whyte; Croydon Surrey, England; U.K.; 2008/05/22 Thurs AM 5:26 EST

Your ministry started praying for me when I began a special daily shot of inteferon to fight cirroshis scarring & bring my hep c viral level down. I began this about 8-9 weeks ago as you may recall & have some good results. Initially: I lost nearly 20 pounds & developed anemia along w/ other side-effects.
But praise God my last blood work showed a 200 fold drop in Hep C viral load in only 1 month; normal tests is for a client doing well to have a 100 fold drop after 3 full months; but my dr. took labs after a month showing a drop from 2 million to 1,100, a level that takes others 3 or more months to reach and many don't reach @ all.
My weight is also gradually going up & per my dr. there are no traces of anemia but I must take a weekly shot of Procrit to prevent it from coming back.
Lastly my t-cells dropped which naturally happens w/ the inteferon..so I ask for continued prayers that the VIRAL LEVELS (HEP C & HIV) WILL GO TO UNDETECTABLE, ANEMIA NOT RETURN, MORE ENERGY & A RISE IN T-CELLS.
Also, the Lord is blessing me financially when I turned 55 in April I had 3 retirement funds made available to me 1 I rolled over in to a SCOTTRADE trading account, starting w/ about 30K. I hope that this will help supplement my disability insurance (although I won't touch any profits until 59 & 1/2 due to taxes) & ask that you pray that I have wisdom. My purpose is not to become rich but have more to give away; even on disability I never give less than 10% and sometimes up to 20+% a month.
I am on track for a healthier summer and pray that you are too.
Brother Rick/Brooklyn
Ps. 118:17
Brother Rick; Brooklyn, New York; U.S.A.; 2008/05/22 Thurs PM 4:27 EST

Teresa Ann Decola; New Jersey, New York; U.S.A.; 2008/06/04 Wed PM 7:11 EST

Dear Pastor John, may I call you that? I wanted to share with you another divine meeting I went to in East Cobb at the World Harvest Church. I just went there to buy the video of Pastor Shuttelsworth talking to me, but I decided to stay for the Wednesday night service. I asked who would be preaching and was told it was Bishop Milton Perry. Have you ever heard of him? I was really impressed with his preaching and prophezing. Again I hit the jackpot. He touched my hand and I went down.....he called many people to the front and God healed them. Well remember on June 23 I will be at the Cleveland Clinic, please pray for me that the doctors will certainly see that I have been healed. I must tell you, since you prayed for me to have the fear taken away from me, I dont have that fear anymore. Thank the Lord.......I am much more relaxed just waiting to go to Cleveland. I will send you my praise report when I return from Cleveland. I wish your ministry was closer for me to come to your meeting, but its pretty far from Cumming. But I do want to send your minstry a gift, when I return I will send it to you for all of your support and faith for me. Thank you for listening to me and have a great day. God bless you too. Eleanor LaRocco
Eleanor LaRocco; Cumming, Georgia; U.S.A.; 2008/06/13 Wed AM 11:27 EST

This is my testimonial,
I'am GNOFAM Lantame
I am 33 yrs old, born in Lomé capitale fo Togo. I became christian in year 1985 at Pentecost church of Togo, and I have been baptized in the same year. I was member of musical group specially trumpetist ..
As mecanician by proffession, God was calling me but I I did not know it antill a prophet of Gof saw a me and tell me verbaly that God is calling me, from there he directed me to foursquare Gospel church for my ground training, it was year 2000.
So we do rural evangelism, from village to village and from town to town, and in year 2003 I have been enroled in bible school named IBM "Bible Institute" Metamorphose" from 2003-2005. In janurary 2007 I Foundeda prayer center named: Centre de Prière d'Intercession et d'Evangélisation "Cité de Dieu" I maried and have a girl.
Currently we do not have a ground or of place for the center of prayer
So as I just start it I need your spiritual support and phisic material, specially in prayer for my self and my familly for my ministry and for my country.
Thank your .
Your sincere GNOFAM lantame
Gnofam Lantame; Lome capitale; Togo; 2008/07/30 Wed AM 11:19 EST

Praise Report: husband
After I submitted prayer requests for husband who left for ow, my husband told me that he wants to leave her and does not love her! It's God's answer to our prayers! Praise HIM!!! But I see how weak my husband is now, I know that prayers must not be quit! Please pray that God speaks to my husband's heart and does His wonders in our marriage! Thank you and God bless you dear prayer warrior
Alina; Dnepro; Ukraine; 2008/08/31Sun AM 03:08 EST

Just a quick thank you for the web site that broadcasted the Word of the Lord on September 9, 2008. I read it and was really touched by it. May God continue to use you to reach people like me all over the world. by the way i'm from Trinidad. Will keep in touch
Many thanks
Petra; Trinidad; 2008/09/26 Fri PM 11:29 EST

I was asked by the apostle to post my testimony. so i'll be obedient. In April of 2006, i was pulled over the dekalb police and given a traffic citation. When I came to court for the appearance, they couldn't find my citation. So they eventually sent me home. I hadn't heard from them and I thought that everything was okay. Two years later, in September, I get a letter saying my license would be suspended for failure to appear in court. When I came to adjudicate the matter, I was told i had to pay a near five hundred dollar fine or a bond in that amount to get my case retried. I spoke with Apostle Daniel and told him about the situation. He told me about someone who he prayed with who was in a similar situation and God dropped the charge for them. So the Apostle prayed aginst the charges and asked God to dismiss them. I went again to the courthouse because the county wanted all unresolved traffic issued resolved. I spoke to another lady and told her the situation. They found my ticket and told me I was in contempt for failure to appear. So, she talked with her supervisor atfer I explained my situation to her and she sent me up to see the judge. After the judge saw everyone, I was the last to go. I explained what happened and he agreed that i came the first and I had no reason not to come the second time. So, the jude dropped his head and said "I don't know what to do". He looked at the sheriff and said I can dismiss it. So, he dismissed both the ticket and contempt charge which totaled near 600 dollars and gave me a zero balance. He said nothing goes on my record and all I had to do was see the clerk. i told the judge thank you and left. I called Apostle Daniel the following day and told him the good news. We both praised God and thanked for what He's done. So I want to encourage you who read this that God can get you out any situation. He can touch the Hearts on those in authority and give you a favorable outcome. So, if you're going through anything right now, God can see you through it. Just make sure that you are living a righteous life before him. IF you are, then you have nothing to worry about. Finally, i want to say TO GOD BE THE GLORY! because He exonorated me. That God for blessing me!
Daniel Parker; Ellenwood, Georgia; U.S.A.; 2008/10/12 Sun PM 4:02 EST

Hello! Good Day, my name is Benjamin From Nigeria a 29 years old Banker, may the peace of the LORD all mighty be unto you. I Came across your site on my reseach on the subject of FINANCIAL PROSPERITY and i truly appreciate the prophetic words i saw there. i therefore kindly request that you pray fo me too that i may prossper in all my endevours.
Thank you
GOD bless you Sir
Benjamin Kaungwa; Nigeria; 2008/11/10 Mon AM 11:02 EST

Dear Pastor, I want to thank you and everyone who has been praying for me, God did answer the prayers. I just found out I do not have cancer of the liver Praise the Lord. I have been so scared, but I kept believing. God bless all of you I am just so happy I don't know what to do......Thank you again for supporting me. Eleanor
Eleanor LaRocco; Cumming; Georgia; U.S.A.; 2008/11/10 Mon PM 7:28 EST

I work temporary and part-time for an agency and have been there for 3 1/2 years the contract is renewed every six months and with this economy it was supposed to end in December, 2008 but they just extended it for another 6 months until June, 2009. I'm giving God the glory to still be able to have a job and have income coming in. God keeps providing blessing me over and over again. To God be the glory.
Teresa Williams; Virginia; U.S.A.; 2008/11/17Mon PM 7:06 EST

I Thank God for answering our prayers,early Septermber i asked you to pray for me for God to provide employment for that was the 10th September 2008,on the 1,October 2008 i was employed,to God be the Glory and Honour.thank you Lord.
Arthur Mngomezulu; Moteti,Dennilton; South Africa; 2008/11/23 Sun AM 1:56 EST

Your prophetic word for oct 11 is now ready to come forth saith the Lord... The Lord has raised us up in the word for the word for the last 7 yrs as it is the word that can only come forth out of our mouths... Heaven is starting to open up to us, For I am but one, yet I know there is a hidden remnent to come forth out of our caves, as the Father had us hidden... The Lord has raised us Himself for Himself in and by His word as Holy Spirit would always instruct us, for we are vessels unto hounor... I would like you to, as the Lord leads, to war against any and all forces that want to stop this great move of God in Jesus name... Thank-you in Jesus name, A Knight
A Knight; Chiliwack, British Columbia, Canada; 2009/01/09 Fri PM 8:12 EST

Thanks a lot for praying for his HSMP Visa. He has received his HSMP visa by grace of Jesus. Thanks a lot for lifting him in prayers.
God bless you.
S. Shweta; Mumbai; India; 2009/1/23 Tues PM 12:31 EST

Dear Apostle,
I am pastor peter wekesa of Kitale kenya East Africa. I happen to have visted your website this morning and was touched by the great vision to impact the nations of the world all round.
As the nation of kenya we are just coming out of set backs suffered from last year's tribal clashes as a result of flopped elections.
churches were burned down, hearts of people including those of believeres turned against each other. But God is now healing us.
We are praying to have several prophectic and apostolic conferences and seminars as part of the healing process of the land.
Please consider coming over and do for us a pastors/ leaders conference. We know God who loves us can always make a way and give you time to come.
I will be glad to co-ordinate the meetings.
Thanks and God bless you for choosing to be a blessing to us.
Peter Wekesa; Kenya; Africa; 2009/02/05 Thur AM 3:11 EST

Dear Apostle John Daniel.,
Greeting in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
I trust our Lord for your well being and for the well being of your church and family.
Its been long time since we have heard any news from you, we have been doing fine in Pakistan and Lord is keep us protected in the mist of the anti Christian conditions
we want to send you this very wonder full testimoney before about this very New Pentecostal we planted in Farooq Abad city.
I have just returned from farooqabad City nearly 80 kilometers away from where I am living, where i have just planted a very new church, I have been visiting that place for the last two months and preaching in the people of "Seventh Day adventist" faith peoples, Lord has used me mightily for His glory miracles happened in my meetings, people really felt the revival through my preaching and recieved deliverence through the word of the Lord, They say that they have never heard such message from the bible, Some of the families have requested my by them self to start Pentecostal church over and have requested me to visit them for church service once a week, One lady who is honor of High school has offered her school building for me to conduct regular church service. Glory to Lord for this new church. Please do keep the door of communication opened and look forward to hear from you.
God Bless you, your Spirit and efforts for His kindgom.
Brother Sohail Peter; Faroogadad City; Pakistan; 2009/02/13 Fri AM 3:45 EST

This attachment I send you will cost me dearly but no greater love has any man but to lay down his life for another; please don’t tell me I’m wrong but allow Moses test as this was given in a night by a amazingly sad & gracefilled Arabic looking man who said he was Yeshu &coming again soon……this obstinate Jew was over come by his presence & baptized. Please consider it & even if you think it incorrect watch as events may fulfill themselves………..Maranatha; Shalom……..Phillip.
Philip; Arabic nation; 2009/03/03 Tues PM 6:03 EST

Greeting Apostle John,
I hope this email finds you and your family in good standing
My name is Sharon and I am just writing to thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel through which the Holy Spirit brings healing, deliverance and peace to children of the most high God.
I highly appreciate all you did for everyone in attendance and what you continue doing for the children of God. I came to that convocation with a heavy heart and left with the peace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knowing that there is nothing too big for God to handle. There is no situation too difficult for my God to fix and I know that although I may not see the things I have been believing God for right now, in tenacity and diligence, in faith and confidence my God shall supply all my needs.
I just want to thank you again for being such an apostle and messenger of the Lord.
Best regards
Sharon Arrey; Norcross; Georgia; 2009/03/03 Tues AM 9:22 EST

Details: i remember once i requested for prayers concerning my finances. praise God i have gotten a job.
Damiete Briggs; River State; Nigeria; 2009/04/1 Wed PM 8:17 EST

We are really looking forward to JA and a time of fellowship. Janet has not worked now for over two years but God our provider has made a way. His praise shall continually be on my lips. I thank Apostle John for his prayers. God provided the right home in the right place and placed us in a truely spiritual church.
One of the junior ministers (Mark ) is our next-door neighbour.
Janet and Jorden and Robin are all fine.
Please pray for them and myself.
My warmest loving embrace to you both
May God continue to bless you both richly.
Much Love
Paul Belifante; United Kingdom; 2009/04/7 Wed PM 1:13 EST

THANKS for the aknowledgement,i'm really happy to hear that the spirit of God led you to my request,that means that God is interested in my case.thanks for standing in with me in prayers.May God bless and enrich your ministry in Jesus name.Amen
Ijeoma Ozulumba; Nigeria; 2009/04/27 Mon AM 1:32 EST

Details: I had prayer on a spirit called lust that was haunting me. But God used the Man of God in a mighty way to pray that spirit off of me and I haven't had the lustful spirit attack me anymore. I thank God for letting me walk in the spirit and I shouldn't fulfil the lust of the flesh. The flesh is weak but the spirit is strong. Thank God for using you in a mighty way by praying against the wiles of the devil.
Teresa Williams; Virginia; U.S.A. 2009/04/28 Mon PM 9:54 EST

Details: I would like to request a prayer for my husband who had a cancer " multiple myeloma". This coming 3rd of May 2009 will be his chemo theraphy and at the same he will get foreign stemm cell. Please help me pray that our God will make miracle of his sickness. I trust God above all things.
Im glad to know that I got this website. Thank you and God bless to all.
Hazel ; Cebu; Philippines. 2009/05/01 Mon PM 6:31 EST

Respected pastor,
greetings to you in the name of our lord Savior and Jesus Christ.
My name is Raja, from India,(Andhra Pradesh) (Guntur District) I have seen your ministry on website. The moment I saw your ministry and I started praying for your ministry. It was so encouraged to me a lot to do the God's ministry in a special way. I want that same things to happen in India through your ministry. I started a small ministry "Glory ministries" by the grace of God among Hindu people. It is been growing over here. My ambition is to planting churches and feeding the poor children, and conducting Gospel meetings and pastor's conferences in India. so, please pray for me. God has put His burden on me I am just 22 years old. so, I am training up young people and sending them for Gospel. Millions people are here without Jesus. So, please pray for India to get salvation. we need your prayer support. I want to conquer the whole India for Christ. please prayr for me . I am praying for you and for your ministry to grow more in New year.
Thank you
Brother in Christ
Raja; Kolati; India. 2009/07/11 Sat PM 5:59 EST

Dear Sir
I greet you the the name of our good load,
As i was looking the words of the lord from you site i read the words from this handing Continue to feast at the feet of Jesus!” and this are words that i wanted to here as we know that GOD loves us wanty ever the problems that we find.
Please i would live to share and receive such words.
Thanks you for the site and i thanbk you
Kabanda William; Africa; 2009/07/21 Sat AM 2:41 EST

Thank you all very much 4 ur prayers Now i have internate in the house, i brought the computer from the office to my house & i had to buy a modem, that will be paying for it every month, & now iam connected right here in my house on internate, I so happy, Im typing this from my own computer, Hallelujah!! Bless you. Adelide & blessing & all other kids are all doing well.
" & Jesus Said Dont be afraid, Only Believe"
Pastor James Mwaba; Kenya; Africa; 2009/07/22 Sat PM 2:06 EST

Message: I greet you in the name of our LORD and Saviour JEZUS CHRISTUS.May the LORD bless this ministrie in JESUS NAME.It is a privilege to reach this site today, it is a long prayer; today is my day, the second day that i have internet, now i am blessed!!!!
greetings, sister Giny from Holland
Sister Giny; Holland; 2009/08/07 Sat PM 1:05 EST

Gail Campbell; Auburn; New York 2009/08/15 Sat PM 2:47 EST

Name: jessica talmadge
Subject: grandpa andrew and protection njessica and praise report He is and HE IS DELIVERING amen
Message: andrew palmer out of icu at home he is critical and according to dr coming home to pass.GODS will alone be done.....please pray thank you for your prayers and phone call of obedience to pray with me the other day may GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR OBEDIENCE LOVE JESSICA :)
Jessica; 2009/09/05

Subject: Update on Baby Jessica From the Mother
King of life through Christ,
With God nothing shall be impossible!
God is faithful and He has answered our prayers!
Here is an update on Baby Jessica from the mother Salome Wanjiku Waruingi:
Dear sir,
Thank you so much for your prayers. Baby Jessica has stopped vomiting and she is more happy and playful, we are really thanking God because he has done it. I will go for the doctors report on 20th Sept... But so far i can confidently declare that God is our healer and my baby is well and prayers really work. Kindly rejoice with me as i thank God and thank you to all those who prayed for my daughter may God richly bless you.
Rex Al Opusunju; 2009/09/17; 11:29AM

Country: sweden
Request: IN worry,
Details: Thank you for for pray for me and my fight aginst the Goliat that win and get peace and joy in Christ,thanks and bless,keijo Sweden
keijo.leppioja; 2009/09/17; Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 1:33 pm.

Hi Apostle John,
It's great to hear from you sir. Thank you for the time you spent to pray for me.
God Bless you and your family.
Love in Christ,
Jerilyn; Mon, 5 Oct 2009 10:33:32 City and State: Blantyre Country: Malawi

Details: Iam so touched with prophetic words,iam sure God is speaking through your ministry,Help me to grow more,through the love of Jesus Christ.send me atleast some of your tracs or books.
Matthias John Chimbuto; October 30th, 2009 at 5:16 am.

City and State: Richmond, Virginia,USA
Details: Every since I received prayer from you I notice that my prayer life and faith walk has increased. Thank God I notice how the Lord separated me from hinderances that was in my life and I've learned to trust God and not depend on man for comfort. Thanks for prayer I'm growing daily.
Teresa Williams; Monday, November 09th, 2009 at 6:24 pm.

Name: geofrey
Subject: prayer request
Message: praise God Pastor, i thank godd who has empowered for this seervice that you deliver to the servants of God, be blessed abandantly prayers request: good work and nice living in god's fear, to get a wife from God
Geoffrey; 2009/12/05;

Hi ApostleJohn,
I don't know if you remember me but you prayed for me couple months ago and you just prayed for my brother yesterday and I want to thank you and your wife for visiting him and praying with. The Lord as pull him back from the grave again and give him back to us just as He did for Lazarus.Praise the Lord
A little update on him they did another catscan and there is no trace of bleeding or swelling on his brain . His lungs is clear and he is eating semi solid since yesterday. Today I could talk to him. Praise God. He wants me to thank everybody who prayed for him. So a BIG THANK YOU and God bless you always
Monica Bent; 2010/01/30

Name: ralph bailey
City and State: dudley west Midlands, England
Details: i thank the lord for taking my daughter a safe delivery of her daughter zantae.i also thank you and your team for standing with me in prayer both are doing good again a big thank you all for your prayers. God bless and continue to bless you all
Ralph Bailey; Dudley West Midlands, England; February 19th, 2010 at 3:20 pm.


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